Flor de Muga Rosé 2017


Garnacha 100%.


Flor de Muga is the result of careful plot selection. Made from old vines (between 70 and 90 years’ old), grown at altitude (600-750 metres) in two very distinct types of soil: ferrous-clay and chalky clay terroirs. These recently selected plots are monitored carefully and the grapes are harvested by hand and placed into crates at just the right moment of ripeness.


It is a wine made from the free-run juice, with a short maceration time and only 50% is used to make the wine. This wine is made from the free-run juice, with a short period maceration, and only 50% is used in the wine. Fermentation takes place in small wooden vats, plot by plot. Due to the small size and yield of some of these plots, some batches have to be fermented in vats with a capacity of 500 to 1,000 litres. Once fermentation has taken place at a low temperature we work with the fine lees for a minimum of 4 months. Subsequently we make a coupage of the different batches and stabilise the wine before it is bottled.


A very pale pink rosé with violet glints, which looks lovely in the glass with dense “legs”.

Elegant and fresh on the nose, at the same time delicate and complex, with reminders of red fruit such as strawberries, peaches and white blossom.

A supple, smooth mouth feel, filling your mouth with fruity nuances which recall the sensations experienced on the nose. A long, fine, elegant wine.

Can be paired with tuna tartar, oysters, ceviche, rice and pasta dishes.