Our Vineyards

Mediterranean, Atlantic and Continental influences together in great harmony, creating an ideal climate for grapes.

El Estepal

This may be one of the terroirs that best define the personality of the wines made in Haro. Its features, both geological and climatic, give our wines a marked personality with a great potential for ageing, thus defining El Estepal as a unique site in La Rioja.

La Loma

A few miles from Haro there is a plateau with a very particular geological structure, which is also protected from the cold North winds. In short, La Loma is an exceptional terroir.


These are the first vineyards that the Muga family owned. The high quality of our top range wines comes from this beautiful landscape. Tempranillo, Mazuelo (Carignan) and Graciano varieties are grown together in this vineyard to produce wonderful wines.

La Loma Alta

This terroir exemplifies a family’s effort to ensure quality for the future. Muga does not stop investing in the best soils of the area. For the vines just recently planted not only do we try to recover the best quality terroirs but we are also working towards the best selection of all and every one of our vines.


These vineyards are located at a maximum altitude in La Rioja and are on the edge of our growing area. There are only a few wineries that cultivate such extreme areas, but our special growing system allows us to make high quality wines and uncover the potential of each one of our terroirs. The resulting wines have a very good acidity and ageing potential.