Cava Conde de Haro Rosé


Garnacha tinta.


Ferrous clay with little organic material.


Direct pressing, fermentation in small tanks with the temperature controlled to 14-15ºC, in order to preserve the garnacha fruit’s aromatic intensity. With fermentation complete the wine is left on its lees for 4 months to achieve the greater volume in the mouth feel which is so essential in fine quality sparkling wines. After tirage (drawing off into bottles), a second fermentation takes place over another 4 months in the bottle at a temperature of 12ºC. The wine is stacked horizontally en rima for a minimum of 36 months before disgorgement, stored a t a constant low temperature to preserve the maximum freshness and the richness of the aromas.


Bright, pale salmon-pink colour thanks to the garnacha grape. The slow fermentation process gives the cava a delicate string of fine bubbles which are proof of its careful production process.

A medium-high, complex aromatic intensity, with aromas of exotic fruit, citrus notes of grapefruit bringing fresh acidity, stone fruit like peaches and even a few reminders of the baker’s shop.

A slightly sweet attack evolving into fresh, sharp acidity. A pleasant mouth-feel thanks to the finesse of the bubbles and the work with the lees during the riddling process. In the aftertaste, the aromatic complexity we found on the nose returns with outstanding fruit aromas. This is a long, persistent cava which is easy to drink, the unmistakable signs of its fine quality.

It is best to keep it at a temperature of around 15ºC in order to preserve its qualities and ensure it continues to evolve well. Then serve it at a temperature of 8ºC.