The Vineyard

Bodegas Muga vineyards are located on the foot of the Montes Obarenses, within the area called Rioja Alta. The site climate is exceptional due to, on the one hand, the singular geography and orientation of the vines and on the other hand, the surrounding climates –Mediterranean, Atlantic and Continental climates are combined harmoniously thus creating a suitable climatic for grape growing.

The soil in this area is mostly clay and limestone, divided into small terroirs with different physical and chemical qualities between them; thus each terroir has a unique and defined personality. This abundance of climatic influences and different soils define prolonged stages in the vine growth cycle. The growth will be complex and delicate, key to the potential quality of the wines in this area.

Bodegas Muga owns 620 acres of vineyards but it also has control over 370 acres owned by vine growers in the area. The grape varieties grown are Tempranillo (the essence), Garnacha (Grenache), Mazuelo (Carignan) and Graciano for the red wines; and Viura and Malvasia are used for the white wines.

Policy on Quality and the Environment

The Policy on Quality and the Environment of BODEGAS MUGA, S.L. within the framework of the production of wines of the finest quality, consists in obtaining products which comply with all the legislation, regulations and standards which may be applied to them and any other requirements which they may subscribe to, whether with regard to technical or environmental aspects, as well as the expectations of customers by complying with the terms of their purchase order, all within strict adherence to a commitment to continuous improvement, prevention of contamination and environmental control.
To perform the above, the Management of BODEGAS MUGA, S.L. places emphasis on:

· Considering customer satisfaction as the priority goal, by performing the necessary actions to provide the products required by them with a criterion of profitability for the company.

· To put in place processes which by remaining faithful to traditional winemaking methods, are able to guarantee the above and that they consider that conduct which respects the environment is an integral part of the task of every worker, in a setting of continuous improvement of these.

· To carry out a policy of continuous improvement throughout the organisation, setting annual goals which foster improved quality and keep our wines up to date and efforts in the sphere of the protection of the environment.

· To encourage staff development, by fostering teamwork and promoting training programmes both in the professional and technical area and in environmental matters.

· To encourage conservation of resources through recycling and reuse and making sure the processes used take into account reduction of raw materials, energy and water use.

· To do jobs well the first time as an ever-present attitude of all staff. To guide efforts towards the prevention of errors. Prevention is better than cure.

· To take all the measures available to contaminate as little as possible, avoid accidents causing damage to the environment or to minimise their effects.

· To make this policy available to the public.

Bodegas Muga. General Management.