Flor de Muga Rosé 2020


Garnacha Tinta.


Flor de Muga comes from a dozen carefully selected plots in the Alto Najerilla district, with a Continental climate and vines which are 70 to 90 years old. Vineyards planted at an altitude of between 600 and 750 metres, mainly on slopes, with goblet-pruned bush vines. The vines are terraced and the soils are calcareous clay and reddish ferrous clay which are ideal for the garnachas produced from these almost centenarian vines.


The grapes are picked by hand at the peak of ripeness and transported to the cellar in small crates in refrigerated transport so as to preserve intact the full aromatic potential. After a short period of maceration, where contact with the skins is maintained, 50% of the free-run must, the first must to flow from the press by simple gravity, is selected. This then ferments at a low temperature in small oak vats, separately, plot by plot. Because of the small size of some of this selected parcels, it is sometimes necessary to carry out this process in vats of 500 or 1,000 litres. Once the fermentation is complete, the wine is left on its fine lees for a minimum of 4 months, with regular stirring, or bâtonnage, to keep the lees in suspension and protect the wine in a natural way by preserving the aromas and providing volume in the mouth-feel. After this process is complete, the wines are sampled, plot by plot, so as to determine the final coupage.


An elegant, pale pink colour with very marked aromatic intensity.
It has a complex nose in which we can find stone fruit aromas (peach, nectarine), citrus fruit, white blossom and some spicy nuances from the small oak vats in which it has fermented.


Pasta, rice, white meat and a variety of kinds of cheeses.