Muga Cask-fermented White 2013
Viura 90%, Malvasía 10%.
Clay/Calcareous and Alluvial.
Our double grape checking, both on selection belt and on tasting the musts, means that we exclude 50% of the harvest. Slow fermentation in new French oak and 3 months on fine lees are the secrets of this careful production process.

We came out of a hot, dry vintage in which the viura variety suffered more than usual and were plunged into one at the complete opposite extreme. A cold and abnormally damp year allowed the vine to feel at home throughout the growing cycle and there was no need to restrain its canopy development for the benefit of that of the fruit. It is well-known that viura has always tended to be planted in extremely poor, dry soils which, in this harvest, has worked in their favor, allowing them to achieve the right point of ripeness.

The nose is fresh and ripe at the same time. It brings together honey, citrus fruit and an elegant touch of pineapple. As “curtain-raisers” we have the ever-present fine lees and hints of pastry shop aromas. Very much in the background, almost imperceptible at this point, the fine oak spiciness begins to come through.

The attack is surprisingly dominant compared to what we expect in this wine. The acidity is perfectly integrated into the wine without overpowering it. It is a wine which initially tastes the way it smells but changes its profile in the aftertaste and retronasal phase.

The aftertaste is smooth with hints of green apples and apple liqueur.

The retronasal phase brings back apples and acid fruit balanced with spices, but now the oaked aromas of vanilla and coconut.

It is a surprising wine because of its seemingly contradictory organoleptic features which were marked by this vintage’s strong personality.

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