Muga White barrel-fermented 2015


Viura 90%, Malvasía 10%.


Chalky-clay and alluvial.


After macerating for about 8 hours in the press, this white wine ferments in new French-oak casks. After fermentation is complete it then rests on the lees for 3 months before bottling.


Greenish, straw yellow colour, bright and clear.
On the nose the acid fruits, mainly citrus and green apple, “sweetened” by pastry aromas from the fine lees and spices from the Nevers oak.
On the palate, the attack is at the same time mineral and silky, underpinned by stimulating malic acid nuances.
In retro-olfaction some of the citrus aromas are maintained, along with the appearance of pineapple and finishing with soft nuances of heathy scrub land and vanilla.