Muga White barrel-fermented 2013


Viura 90%, Malvasía 10%.


Clay/Calcareous and Alluvial.


Our double grape checking, both on selection belt and on tasting the musts, means that we exclude 50% of the harvest. Slow fermentation in new French oak and 3 months on fine lees are the secrets of this careful production process.


Mainly made from the white viura grape, a variety which withstands harsh climate conditions well, such as the 2012 drought.

Normally, despite variations in growing conditions, it guarantees a yield of consistent quality and quantity. However, this harvest suffered from an unusually dry spring which seriously affected flowering and, as a consequence, the harvest.

The reduction in yield was more than 20% compared to a typical year, but this meant a superior point of ripeness which was then reflected in the wine. Its appearance maintains the traditional straw-yellow colour but with perhaps a few golden glints around the rim.
The attack is powerful with pineapple, apple and peach aromas, all at a midway point between sharp and ripe fruit.

In the background there are sharp notes of white blossom, concluding with smooth, honeyed sensations.

In the mouth it is even more surprising, if that is possible.
We can find an almost perfect balance of sweetness-bitterness-acidity which really excites the taste senses.

In the retronasal and aftertaste phases we can find apples, a bit riper than on the nose, and the reminders of white blossom return.

It is without doubt one of the most notable vintages, organoleptically speaking, of recent times.