Muga succeeds in the Land of Beer

Muga Special Selection was awarded the title of “Red Wine of the Year” by the prestigious Irish wine guide “The Best of Wine in Ireland 2007”. The winners were given the best scores in their categories. More than 2,000 wines from around the world participated.

March 2007

Many consider the Irish wine guide “The Best of Wine Ireland 2007” the Wine Bible in Ireland. On the occasion of this guide’s 12th Wine of the Year Awards, Muga achieved the most important award in its category (Red of the year) in a blind tasting organized by the editor John Wilson. This Spanish wine, imported by Commans Wines, was chosen for being the most “full-bodied and sophisticated” wine in its category. This guide, which reviews a selection of the 700 best wines available in Ireland, from 14 different countries, highlights the elegance of Muga Special Selection 2001, as well as its pronounced traditional-style winemaking: “This is one of the best wineries in Rioja, family-run since Isaac Muga and his wife Aurora Caño founded it in 1932. The winery controls every step of the viticultural and vinification process from the vineyards to making their own barrels (it owns its own cooperage) and fermenting and ageing the wine entirely in oak. Moreover, it is one of the very few wineries that uses egg whites in the clarification process. Tradition is the key in Bodegas Muga and it has a reputation to make the best wines in an old-fashioned way.” Bodegas Muga, which also have outstanding mentions to Muga Rioja Reserve 2002 and Prado Enea 1996 (scoring one star), confirms its name as one of the most international labels in Rioja.