Muga, the most popular Spanish wine in the USA

The April issue of the American magazine Wine & Spirits publishes a survey carried out among the best restaurants in the USA that places Muga first on the list of the most recognised wines by the American wine drinkers. Muga is also the only Spanish bodega that appears among the 35 most requested wines in the World.

May 2009
Muga Reserva and Prado Enea Gran Reserva from Bodegas Muga, hold the first position of the ranking “most popular Spanish wine” that appeared in the last issue of the prestigious Wine & Spirits Magazine. The list is made with the results of a survey carried out by the sommeliers of the best restaurants in USA.

The excellent puntuation obtained, 42 points, places these red wines from Bodegas Muga in a privileged position considering that the second wine listed obtained 21 points. It is also remarkable that 3 out of the 5 selected wines were also from La Rioja, which shows, the degree of acknowledgement which this Appellation of Origin has in USA.

On the list, that values wines coming from all over the World, puts Muga in the 32nd place, in front of wineries such as Francis Coppola Presents or Cloudy Bay. In this way, it is important to emphasize the position of Bodegas Muga in the ranking, bearing in mind that the regions that monopolize the first positions on the list are California, France and Italy. To obtain the acknowledgement from the American consumers is one of the most difficult challenges for the viticulturist from the world, due to the degree of exigency and the high level of competitiveness.

Bodegas Muga exports its wines to more than 50 countries such us United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Scandinavian countries such us Denmark, Sweeden and Norway. Bodegas Muga is increasing its market in the Asia Pacific area.

In the first four months of 2009, sales in the USA have increased 14% in comparison with the same period of 2008, being the most dynamic markets New York, Florida, California and Massachussets.