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Oceans of vineyards, oceans of passion

Muga in vintage


Wine tourism

Manu Muga: "The temperature of consumption"

Manu Muga: “The temperatures”

Juan Muga: "The horizontal bottle"

Juan Muga: “How to storage the bottles”

Video about bottling

Bottling and storage

Isaac Muga: "The process of clarification"

Isaac Muga: “Fining”

Video about clarification

Filtering the wine

Juan Muga of barrel aging

Juan Muga: “The racking”

Video about the racking


Video about the cooperage and cubería

Barrels and Tubs

Isaac Muga: "The importance of wood"

Isaac Muga: “About the quality of the wood”

Video about the racking and pressing


Video about fermentation and traced

Fermentation and Pumping over

Video about the reception of the grapes at the winery

Unloading at the winery

Video about the vintage in the vineyards of Muga

The harvest

Video about veraison and harvest in green

Turning and the ripening of the vineyards

Grape formation and de-stemming

Planting new vineyards

Pruning and fertilizing


Leading video

Welcome Video

Isacín Muga: “Welcome to the Muga Winery”


Made in Spain – José Andrés con Isaac Muga Caño

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