Muga, the most popular Spanish wine
in the USA.

The April issue of the American magazine Wine & Spirits publishes a survey carried out among the best restaurants in the USA that places Muga first on the list of the most recognised wines by the American wine drinkers. Muga is also the only Spanish bodega that appears among the 35 most requested wines in the World. (+)

Torre Muga 2004,
within the 10 best reds in the world.

According to Wine Spectator, the well-known and prestigious specialized magazine, Torre Muga 2004 is placed within the 10 best red wines of the world list for 2007. This list is the result of reviewing more than 15,000 wines from around the world in blind tastings. (+)

Muga succeeds in the Land of Beer.

Muga Special Selection was awarded the title of “Red Wine of the Year” by the prestigious Irish wine guide “The Best of Wine in Ireland 2007”. The winners were given the best scores in their categories. More than 2,000 wines from around the world participated. (+)

Muga Rosado 2006 reaches the
best Robert Parker´s score.

The most influential wine critic in the world, the American Robert Parker, has given the highest score to Muga Rosado 2006 in the rosé wines category. The prestigious wine critic gave 90 points to this wine, thus placing it as the best rosé in Spain and within the three best rosé wines in the world. (+)

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